LuSeed DOME ™

The next step in the evolution
of brain aneurysm treatment

Conventional endovascular treatments for brain aneurysms require a significant amount of physician skill, could take hours to perform, and often require lifetime usage of high-risk anticoagulants.

There is an eminent need for a solution that facilitates a swift learning curve, comprises intuitive implantation techniques and ensures long-term patient safety and positive outcomes.

Disruptive Cerebral Aneurysm Device

LuSeed DOME is a minimally invasive intrasaccular implant used for the treatment of brain aneurysms. 

LuSeed DOME™’s unique dual-layered symmetric design promotes continuous coverage of the aneurysm neck with an intact wall apposition, while allowing implantation from virtually any angle, without unwanted protrusion to the parent artery and respective high-risk anticoagulants administration.

Facts and Figures

: 20
People harbors at least one brain aneurysm
The number of brain aneurysm ruptures in the United States each year.
The prevalence of brain aneurysms in Women (age 40-60) - twice as common as the same-aged male population.
The primary cause of motor/cognitive disability due to hemorrhagic stroke.
$ K
The average cost of hospital treatment for brain aneurysms in the US.

Statistics and Facts: Aneurysm Foundation website

“One and Done” Device

  • Safe and effective treatment of both sidewall and bifurcation aneurysms
  • Unique structure for an easy, intuitive delivery implantation at various angles
  • Acute diversion of pulsatile blood flow from the aneurysm sac via dense braided mesh density
  • No significant presence at the parent artery – No high-risk dual antiplatelets required


Mesh design leads to easy delivery within the aneurysm sac at different angles, allowing simple and intuitive implantation in sidewall and bifurcation cases.

Quick, intuitive learning curve

Treatment can be executed by expert (“golden hands”) and novice (“bronze hands”) physicians following a smooth, fast learning curve.

No high-risk anticoagulants

The device’s design minimizes protrusion of the implant into the arterial circulation, mitigating the need for chronic dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT).

Increased Safety Profile

Suitable for ruptured cases in one simple procedure, where standard of care may involve hours of complex endovascular surgeries.

Intact wall-apposition

Device geometry provides a complete seal of the aneurysm neck in its entire spectrum of indications, intended to increase long-term complete occlusion rate.

Improved procedural time

Treatment times are drastically reduced – mitigating patient risk, physician radiation exposure, and hospital costs.